Plitvice Lakes Croatia


Paklenica CroatiaPaklenica, includes the most attractive parts of southern Velebit, including its highest peaks. Two impressive canyons of Velika and Mala Paklenica, vertically cut into the mountain from the sea to the peaks are the main attraction of the park.

 In a relatively small area of the national park, there are several unusual carst forms, several caves, and extremely rich and varied flora and fauna. Among steep rocks, Aniaa kuk is the most popular destination of Croatian alpinists. In the upper parts of the canyon, a larger forest area has been preserved on the littoral side of Velebit. This, in addition to the existence of several vegetation and climate zones from warm Mediterranean to harsh mountain zones on the top of Velebit, largely contributed to it that this area was among the first in Croatia to be proclaimed a national park, first provisionally in 1928, and then definitely in 1949.

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